Top 7 Foods in Bali Must Try

Are you heading to Bali in these recent days? Have you listed what kind of foods you need to try there? Always remember to try their dishes if you are visiting the new place. In Bali, you will find a lot of local dishes you have tried. It makes you can taste more delicious dishes and perhaps you want to eat them for more.

For you who want traveling to Bali, here are some best 7 recommendation foods in Bali you have to try:

Ayam dan Bebek Betutu (Chicken and Duck Betutu)

Betutu, is actually a very iconic Balinese dish that you can find easily in anywhere. It is a whole duck or chicken stuffed with some traditional spices. Then, it is wrapped and packed in banana leaves and stored very tightly in a place so called “banana trunk bark”. It is buried or baked for around six to seven hours with coal fire. The result is a juicy and rich flavor.

Babi Guling (Suckling Pig)

It is one of the most favorites for hungry pork dreams. It is a whole roasted pig and seasoned with local traditional spices and herbs. The tender meat serves with rice and crispy skin, fried pork meat, pork sausage, and stewed veggies. It was served during special ceremonies and festive but now you can find it easily on restaurants and warungs around.

BBQ Pork Ribs

Who could say no to BBQ pork ribs? When it comes with juicy, cooked over charcoal, marinated, and served hot from its BBQ’s pit directly? You don’t have words to say no, do you? The charcoal grilled meat always gives the best taste ever.

You can find this kind of grilled pork ribs in many restaurants around. Some of them are serving another grilled, steaks, and ribs items.

BBQ Seafood

Since Bali has many beaches, you should try this BBQ Seafood. The seafood is all fresh from the ocean. There are many restaurants near the beaches you can choose to enjoy the end of the day with your family.

Enjoying the fresh grilled local seafood and seeing the sunset with your beloved people will make it as unforgettable memories. Don’t forget to checklist a sunset dinner on a beach for a bucket of BBQ seafood is waiting for you.


Satay or Sate is a marinated meat, skewered with bamboo and then it is grilled. You can eat them with spicy sauce. The meat itself may consist of sliced or diced tofu, fish, pork, beef, mutton, goat, chicken, eggs, or minced blends.

Bali variant satay is sate lilit. It is made from minced pork, fish, chicken, beef, or even turtle meat, and mix with spices, veggies, coconut milk, and coconut. Then, wrapped it in lemongrass, sugar cane, or bamboo sticks then grilled it. You can enjoy them with or without sauce.


It is a traditional dish which is the mixing of chopped meat, spices, grated coconut, and veggies. In some areas, it is using fresh blood and mixes it with spices and meat to strengthen the taste. It is served immediately because the taste will not be good while it kept for a long time. There are red and white types of Lawar. The white version doesn’t use any blood or meats.

Traditional Desserts and Cakes

Traditional desserts and cakes are referred to traditional market cakes or in Indonesian is jajanan pasar. There are many varieties of traditional cakes and desserts you can try. Usually, they use tropical fruits, coconut, sugar, glutinous rice, and rice flour as its ingredients.

Those are the top 7 recommendation Bali foods you need to try. Take them to your to-do list in Bali outside of having water activities.