Things Dos and Don’ts in Thailand

Thailand is one of the most visited countries for many travelers. It has a beautiful landscape, unique culture, and delicious cuisine. If you would like to travel to this country, you need to know about what should do and should not do during traveling. Once you go to a certain city, make sure you do respect their culture, as well while traveling to Thailand.

List of Things Dos and Don’ts

There is some list of things you should do and shouldn’t do while in Thailand. What kind of things are? Here we go!

Do Respect to the Royal Family

In Thailand, they seriously revere their royal family. Need to notice that don’t take any joke of their royal family because they will not like it. Outside of having a conversation about the royal family, don’t be a second to talk about the political too. Especially, to talk the shed bad light of their royalty. They really respect their royal family until their hang royal family’s portrait on their walls on public business or every restaurant. Thus, you need to do respect for their royal family too.

Don’t Trust Locals That Tell You National Monuments Are Closed

While you are going on holiday to Thailand in the weekend or on an international special occasion, there will be scam artists run to you. What for? They will tell you that your next best place to visit in Thailand is closed due to a certain occasion.

Don’t believe them! Furthermore, some of them are dressing up as officials and will offer you some advice or helps. They will force you to ensure that the next place is closed and you can visit another one with a similar monument. Once you believe it, they will ask you to ride tuk-tuk. They will send you to a jewelry store and force you to buy them in high numbers and the jewelry is a fake. Sometimes, they use violent force to make you bought it. Never trust people that tell the place you want to go is closed.

Do Learn Thai Language

You need to respect their culture no matter you just have traveled there and enjoyed their environment. There are many ways to respect their culture include learning their language. You just do learn how to say thank you and greetings in their language. Even though it is just simple words, it can be so meant for the locals. In advance, you can learn simple phrases which usually use every day.

Don’t Think Everyone Can Speak English

Bear in mind that not every local can speak English well. If you are a foreigner, you need to learn their language as well. If you can’t speak with their native language, you can find a friend or translator to translate it for you.

Do Wear Appropriate While Attiring Temples or Monuments

Need to notice that most of Thai people are Buddhists. While you want to visit their religious templates and monuments, just wear the dress code in properly. It is a religious area. You need to respect their belief by dressing up properly. Even though you are not a religious person, don’t walk around with half-naked dress in their sacred places.

Don’t Take to Red Light District

In many countries, you might see dangerous areas for tourist, as well as Thailand,  do. There is a space somewhere in Thailand known as the Red Light District. It is a very dangerous area to go down for a tourist.

Those are the things you should dos and don’ts while traveling in Thailand. Knowing them before d-day will help you a lot to create a great experience during the holiday.