The 10 Best Dishes in Thailand

While you are traveling somewhere, don’t forget to eat their best dishes. As if you want to go to Thailand, you have to taste their mouthwatering cuisine. Keep it on the lists and so you can adjust your itinerary to taste them well.

What kind of dishes you have to eat in Thailand? Here are the lists of the top 10 best Thailand dishes for you:

Guay Teow

Guay Teow is a noodle soup and one of the most popular Thai dishes. You can find it in everywhere. It is actually the kind of noodle soup with pork, beef or chicken with egg or rice noodles. It is topped with lime juice, fish sauce, sugar and dried chili peppers. You can eat it anytime but a good time to eat it as a late night snack.

Tom Yum Goong

It is a spicy shrimp soup with an aromatic, bold and strong spicy taste. It is created with Thai ingredients like fish sauce, shallots, fresh lime juice, galangal, kaffier lime leaves, chili, and lemongrass. The mushrooms or fresh prawns are usually added to it. If you would like a creamy version, you can add coconut cream on it.

Tom Kha Gai

Honestly, Tom Kha Gai is similar with Tom Yum but it offers a more creamy taste. It is a unique dish with a lot of creamy coconut milk and creates a rich sweet soup. If you are a vegetarian, it is adaptable because they can substitute some ingredients too.

Som Tam

Som Tam is one of the most popular dishes in Thailand. It comes from Isaan in Northeastern Thailand. It comes in many various styles. The classic style comes with shredded green papaya, plenty of chilies, lime juice, garlic, tamarind pulp, fish sauce, runner beans, palm sugar, dried shrimp, carrots, peanuts, and tomatoes. They are all mix together using a pestle and mortar which create more flavor on it.

Yam Pla Dook Foo

Yamp Pla Dook Foo is a fried catfish and served with green mango salad. The fried catfish is so crispy and fluffy. It serves with spicy, sour, and sweet mango salad. You can eat this dish as an appetizer as a beer snack.


Yam Talay

Yam Talay is a mixing of seafood salad. It is not delicious at all yet healthy meal. Usually, it is a combination of scallops, crabmeat, mussels, squid and shrimp,. Added some ingredients are rice glass noodles, tomatoes and onions.



Laab is a salad from the northeastern style with mushroom or meat and mint on it. It comes in many styles include mushroom, pork, and chicken. It is strongly not recommended for you who don’t like spicy dishes because it comes with spicier taste ever.

Pad Phuk Tong

Pad Phuk Tong is a stir-fried pumpkin. It is one of the best vegetarian dishes you can find in the Land of Smiles. It is quite hard to find rather than pad Thai. After you find it out, order it with an addition of a place of brown rice.

Pad Thai

Pad Thai is a fried noodle dish and it is one of the national dishes in Thailand. Usually, it is made with chicken, shrimp, or even the vegetarian option is available too. You can find this dish in every street corner. It is so tasty and cheap meal.


Pad See Eiw

It is a wide rice noodle with thick dark soy sauce and topped with beef, pork, chicken, and Chinese cabbage or broccoli. It is an excellent meal option for you who don’t like a spicy meal.

Those are the top 10 best foods you must try while visiting Thailand. Those dishes will make your day so gorgeous.