Need to Buy Bali Natural Stone

Once you come to Bali, you have to know that there are some options for Bali natural stones you can buy. The natural stone comes with different characteristic and appearance of it. You just need to see the collection of Bali natural stones and decide what kind of stone that you like most.

There are many numbers of Bali natural stones you can see, like:

Bali Basalt

Bali Basalt is also known as Andesite stone. You also can categorize it as lava stone but its texture is hard like granite. You can use it for indoor as well as outdoor application. There are Bali Basalt stones you can choose like Crystal Black Basalt, Ocean Blue Basalt, Baltic Grey Basalt, Grey Basalt, Green Basalt, and Tropical Red Basalt.

Bali Green Stone

It is one of the most famous natural stone in this whole world. It is usually used for swimming pool tiles. You can use it for fresh as well as salt water swimming pool. The natural color of green makes the water looks clearer.

Bali Black Lavastone

It is one of natural stone from Indonesia. It was made from the eruption of Merapi Mountain. That’s the reason why this stone is very strong. Uniquely, it has a small porous on the surface. There are some varieties you can choose like:

  • Bali Black Lavastone Camel Wall Cladding mosaic
  • Bali Black Lavastone Split Face Strip Cladding in mesh
  • Bali Black Lavastone Split Face Random Cladding in mesh
  • Bali Black Lavastone Camel Cladding in mesh
  • Bali Black Lavastone Tumbled Split Face Cladding in mesh
  • Bali Black Lavastones Pavers & Tiles

Bali Limestone

There are some products of Bali Limestone you can choose. They are:

  • Classic Gold Limestone
  • Bali Yellow Serai Stone
  • CML or Creama Marquina Light Stone
  • Brexi Stone
  • Classic White Stone

Bali Marble Stone Tiles

It is the best options if you would like to decorate and personalize your own space. As we know, some marble tiles are so pricey, but it makes you get satisfied with it. Once you have decided to buy it, you should know more about how to maintain it well. You need to know the information on it to make the marble stone tiles can be long last.

Bali Pebbles Mosaic

It is actually a common stone. It has nothing special about it. Even it seems priceless, while you arrange this stone in the right way, you can see beautiful look at it. It is usually used around beaches.

Bali Standstone

It is a beautiful natural stone from Bali, Indonesia. While choosing this stone, you will see several items you can pick. Need to note that every item has a different characteristic and appearance. Thus, make sure you pick the right item one. The items you can pick are:

  • Ocean Wave Stone
  • Yellow Palimanan Stone
  • While Palimo Stone
  • Golden Palimo Stone

Honestly, there are many more of Bali natural stones you can find. Just make sure you pick the right one for the right usage.