Get the Right Bali Stone Supplier!

Have you seen Bali stone? Do you want to buy it? If you would like to buy one of Bali stones, make sure you point out the best Bali stone supplier ever. You may find thousands of them but only some of them are the best.

The Best Services of Supplier

To help you point out the best supplier, you need to make sure that they give you their best services. The best services are like:


You can see on their web pages about the quality of its product. You can see whether they offer a high-quality product or not. Not all of the suppliers give you the best quality for the same product.


The best stone supplier will give you a free consultation. No matter you are a new buyer or an old buyer, both will give the same free consultation. It is so much better if you choose the supplier which offers around clock time. Thus, you can contact them anytime.


While choosing the best quality, don’t forget to see what kind of material they use. You also can find whether they use grade A for the material of its product or not.

Lead Time Production

Every supplier must produce their product in a faster time to fulfill their client requirement. To make the client happy, they should have fast production by using good materials and give a high-quality product.


The best supplier will keep in touch with their clients. It is to make them can repeat order the stone tiles more and more.

Delivery Product

While you want to use their stone tiles for the outside of the city or perhaps the country, make sure they are experienced enough to deliver it through countries. It means they already know what should do while packaging the stone tiles.

There is the best one supplier you can choose for having the beautiful stone tiles, which is Bali stone supplier. This supplier produces some stone tiles you can pick based on what you like. Their products are:

Green Stone Sukabumi Tiles

It is one of the famous Indonesian tiles in a world because there are many countries used it, like Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, and America. It has a natural green color. In a Brazilian market, you will see this stone with the other name of Pedra Hijau. The application of these tiles is for pool and walls.

Black Lava Stone Tiles

It has the other name which is Pedra hitam. The wet condition color of tiles is black and in the dry condition color of tiles is gray. It is elegant to install it for your wall, tiles, pool, and so on. One of the famous places in Indonesia which used these tiles is Borobudur temple.

Slate Stone Tiles Indonesia

The characteristic of this stone has a multilayer of arrangement, a small porous which makes it easy to clean up. You can find this stone in black or gray color. The application of this stone usually is used for an outside design like pillars, pools, fences, walls, and more. Indeed, it is possible to use for interior design.

White Classic Limestone Tiles

It creates an elegant and classic texture. You can use this tile for the pool deck, wall, tiles, and more. It will make you have an exclusive appearance because the stone has two natural classic colors, green and white. Uniquely, it is not using any chemical process so it comes from nature.

Cream Limestone Tiles

It is categorized as White Limestone, but they have a different color. It is not easy to crack but it needs more thickness if you use it for a high load like for tiles for a walk. It has elegant and amazing color because the texture is like smooth yet hard.

Andesite Stone Tiles

It has a high density and solid material. You can see these extrusive rocks types in certain colors like black, green, and gray. You can use this stone for tiles or wall of the villa, elegant building, and hotel.

Those are the products you can see on Bali stone supplier. You just need to point out one of the best tiles you would like to use. Make sure you do choose equally with the application of stone tiles itself.